This Site Helps Bring Futures to the Classroom

In 2014, CME Group launched Futures Fundamentals, a site aimed at connecting the role of derivatives markets to the things people do every day. The site offers a breakdown of the marketplace that is accessible to anyone, from experienced traders to market neophytes.

Since the launch two years ago, the site has grown beyond a place to get the basics on futures markets to a resource used in classrooms.

That is evident in a refresh of the site that includes a new section exclusively for educators.


FF For Educators


The For Educators section provides an extensive collection of the site’s best articles, educational videos, interactive quizzes and challenges, as well as a link to the CME Group and Discovery Education’s Econ Essentials website, that can be easily implemented into a high school-level curriculum.

Econ Essentials was launched last year as the introduction of Futures Fundamentals content into classrooms. Discovery Education’s Lori McFarling told us in an interview about the importance of the site.

“It’s essential that high school students learn how businesses navigate uncertainty. It helps them understand the important and ever-changing variables that affect our global economy. By studying how global markets work, students will be better equipped to make wise decisions in both their public and private lives.”

The new Futures Fundamentals also offers a new trading tutorial and simulator that enables visitors to apply the website’s lessons and practice making electronic trades.

The simulator tracks real markets, and provides near real-time updates on a simulated balance. If you’ve never traded before, it is a good introduction to testing your skills before trying the real thing.

FF Trade Simulator

The original lessons on the site remain, broken into three sections that feature the role of derivatives as told through stories, interactive infographics, videos and quizzes.


Get the Basics

FF Get the Basics

The Get the Basics section serves as the introduction unit that provides the user with an overview of the global derivatives marketplace, futures and options, microeconomics and how futures trading affects the public on a daily basis.  Videos on futures and options and supply and demand provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools for the site’s second section.

See the Impact

FF See the Impact

This section dives into an explanation of how familiar tasks like buying food or gas, or obtaining a mortgage, are affected by futures markets. The section also provides a brief introduction of hedging and speculating.

Explore the Marketplace
FF Explore the Marketplace

The final section of Futures Fundamentals combines the knowledge gained from its previous sections and applies it directly to the marketplace.  “Explore the Marketplace” provides the user with the necessary information needed to make an actual trade, followed by an overview of algorithms, clearing and over-the-counter trading.

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