Gordon Brown: Brexit Process “Very Uncertain”

With the announcement from Theresa May that the U.K. seeks a two-year transition period before finalizing Brexit, we’re revisiting conversations with former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.  Today, we’re featuring our conversation with Brown. You can watch Blair’s interview here.

“You’ve got a long process, and it is potentially very uncertain. You’re not clear yet on the outcome,” Brown told us of Brexit negotiations. Like Blair, he was an opponent of Brexit.

Brown also shares Blair’s concern that London keeping its financial passporting ability in some way is key to an effective transition from the single market.

“The problem obviously is what is now going to be the relationship between the City of London and the European Union if we don’t have membership of the single market… Is there some way we can retain that access while at the same time the government leaves the European Union?”

Watch our edited conversation with Brown in the video above.

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