The Top OpenMarkets Stories of 2017

From articles about the oldest futures contracts (grains) to the newest (bitcoin), these were the 10 posts that attracted the most attention from OpenMarkets readers in 2017.

10. A Chicago Teacher is Finding New Ways to Teach Economics

Our video highlight and Q&A with Chicago Public Schools business and economics teacher Bryen Hall showcased a more interactive approach to teaching high school-level economics.

9. U.S. Crude Oil’s Eastern Promise

In March, CME Group’s Owain Johnson highlighted the effect U.S. crude oil exports are having on the rising demand for oil from Asian markets. One development in financial markets is increased hedging from Asian market participants in U.S.-based WTI crude oil.

8. The Electronic Platform That Took Markets Global Turns 25

In June, CME Globex marked its 25th anniversary.  Globex overcame some entrenched resistance in the early days to become the largest trading platform in the world. Today,  nearly nine out of 10 trades at CME now happen on Globex. This is the story behind the launch.

7. The Acceleration of Emerging Market Swap Clearing

Swap clearing in non-G4 currencies soared from $79 billion (notional value) per day in 2014 to $171 billion per day in 2017. In August, CME Group’s Jack Callahan analyzed the trend and the reasons why new swaps in Korean won and Indian rupee were important contracts to add to the market.

6. The World’s Top Student Traders Are from Rutgers

In April, we highlighted the winning team from the 2017 CME Group Trading Challenge. Trading only natural gas futures, the team amassed a 112 percent return in 10 days of trading on a simulated account.

5. Copper Futures’ Historic Start to 2017

In February, CME Group’s Youngjin Chang wrote about the economics behind 11 consecutive record trading days in COMEX Copper Futures. China’s rising and falling demand forced participants to hedge their exposure to copper prices, a trend that continued for most of the year. We revisited the topic in November.

4. How Grain Futures Revolutionized Finance

The first futures contracts are still some of the most popular. In January, we highlighted the 140th anniversary of Corn, Wheat and Oats futures. This is the story behind how they started and why they have endured.

3. A Closer Look at Bitcoin Futures

CME Group launched bitcoin futures in December, marking a critical pivot for the cryptocurrency into regulated markets used by both institutional and retail traders. CME Group’s Tim McCourt wrote about the reasons for the launch and why it made sense now.

2. Meet The World’s Longest Serving Futures Trader 

Lee Stern began trading in 1947, and he’s still going strong. We profiled his career in December. “As long as I’m alive I’ll be trading,” he told us.

1. How Blockchain Is Changing Gold Markets

In April, we highlighted the  blockchain-based digital gold offering from CME Group and the Royal Mint. The first of its kind, the product allows investors and traders to trade gold through digital wallets, or take delivery of physical gold.

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