The OpenMarkets Weekly Roundup


As this story from CBS News suggests, it was a week for examining the news and policies impacting economic growth across the globe. Several of the world’s biggest economic and financial decision makers presented their views at the annual Milken Institute Global Conference in California, which wrapped up Wednesday.  With today’s U.S. jobs data, and elections in Greece and France on Sunday, there will be a lot to watch next week in financial markets as well.


Some more stories worth reading from the past week:

Are rapid technological change and globalization responsible for lower than expected job growth?

Dismissing the criticism: Speculators provide vital liquidity to markets.

San Francisco Fed chief says the U.S. must continue a “highly accommodative monetary policy.”

Former President Clinton:  “No American should want Brazil or China or India to fail. We have a common future.”

Where will economic growth come from?

FOMC members are slightly more optimistic, according to our chief economist.

A more flexible renminbi still matters.

Why copper is intriguing right now.

Anita Liskey is the managing director of corporate marketing and communications at CME Group.

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