Weekly Roundup: U.S. Elections, The Fiscal Cliff and Corn Exports

The U.S. election, and the implications for financial markets, was the big news this week. Now attention turns to the fiscal cliff, and how the solution to it will impact markets. The Wall Street Journal’s video team published the above primer on the fiscal cliff today. Here are other stories you may have missed:

Christopher Fix, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange CEO, think it’s time for strategy shift on oil and gas finance (The National)

Who are the top 50 financial Twitter influencers? (SAP.com)

US corn exports have diminished (Farm Gate Blog)

Is the yuan displacing the dollar as a key currency? (The Economist)

T. Boone Pickens, a 2009 GFLC keynote speaker, says energy can be part of the solution to the fiscal cliff (CNBC)

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