Weekly Roundup: GFLC Edition


The foreseeable future for financial markets is uncertain. The same can be said for politics, media, the internet, business in general, or just about any other industry. Uncertain does not mean bad, but a forward-looking, thoughtful outlook from a key decision-maker is always welcome.   That’s what makes the Global Financial Leadership Conference such a valuable event.  Attendees and  those following the conference online can get a look at the road ahead in all of these industries, and how they intersect with financial markets.  The 5th annual conference wrapped up this week, with many attendees staying to watch the CME Group Titleholders Tournament, and it gave us plenty to think about as we discuss solutions for policy issues like the fiscal cliff, or communications issues like sharing information on the internet. From elections to foreign relations to global energy and market regulation, here are some of the stories from GFLC:

In addition to the above video, Liz Claman covered GFLC for Fox Business with interviews with Terry Duffy, Jimmy Wales, John Lipsky and George Gero. See them all here.

Condoleezza Rice encourages economic growth to ease world tension (Naples Daily News)

Rove and Carville break down 2012 election, forecast 2016 (SmartBrief blog)

Karl Rove and James Carville analyze the election (Real Clear Politics)

Richard Branson ran into Jim Belushi at GFLC (Virgin Group blog)

Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright call for economic engagement with China (Real Clear Politics)

Market experts weigh in on the right approach towards high-frequency trading (SmartBrief blog)

Branson urges business leaders to tackle external problems (SmartBrief blog)

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