Weekly Roundup: Fiscal Cliff, Fossil Fuels, Ethanol and Yen

We are reading a lot of news around the fiscal cliff this week, and economists forecast a drastic economic slowdown despite recent growth. Here are some other stories you may have missed:

The International Energy Agency chief economist discusses the future of fossil fuels (MIT Energy Initiative)

“The finance world has started to take notice of social media as a powerful platform for breaking news and views.” (Markets Media)

What’s the financial temperature in the Cornbelt? (Farmgate Blog)

Competition between Bloomberg and Dow Jones is heating up (The Economist)

Rob Green of the National Council of Chain Restaurants argues that federal ethanol policy is fueling high food prices (Wall Street Journal)

Our chief economist talks about yen expectations with Sara Eisen (Bloomberg Lunch Money)

Anita Liskey is the managing director of corporate marketing and communications at CME Group.

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