Weekly Roundup: The Fiscal Grinch, Record Oil Production and Looking Ahead to 2013

As we approach the holidays, those watching the markets are still concerned about the uncertainty associated with the fiscal cliff, and how different things might be in 2013. But in the season of giving, there’s one potential resolution that might make it the fiscal Grinch.


Here are a few other stories we’re reading this week:

Oil production the first week of December was the highest in almost 19 years (Carpe Diem/AEI)

CME Group chief operating officer Bryan Durkin’s remarks to the National Grain and Feed Association about restoring market confidence were live tweeted. (Twitter)

Will housing inventory bottom in 2013? (Calculated Risk)

Will 2013 be the post-crisis year? (Morningstar)

The European Union is set to have a banking union by the end of 2013 (Financial Times)

China is drawing down on iron ore and steel (Sober Look)

Spain has hosted a billion tourists this year. Why the jobs haven’t followed. (Quartz)

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