Weekly Roundup: Unemployment Report and the Outlook for 2013


We often discuss how our markets help businesses manage risk. And, by helping them managing risk, our markets help businesses to put capital into other areas.  Banks write more loans, businesses ship more goods – and even airlines fly more flights.  The above video from Bloomberg gives some good data on how that applies to pilots, and some nice views to go along with it.

It’s a new year and with it comes the season of outlooks and forecasts – a transition from last week’s review and best-of lists (you can read ours here). Today’s U.S. unemployment report captured the first hard data of what 2013 will really look like. Some stories worth reading as you prepare for the new year:


Two charts show the breakdown of employment in the U.S. (Quartz)

A 2013 guide to the financial blogosphere (The Reformed Broker)

Economic stories to watch in 2013. (Marginal Revolution)

The American Economic Association annual conference begins today. Here’s what they’ll be covering. (Beate Reszat)

Five economists give their prospects for the global economy in 2013 (Council on Foreign Relations)

The Mexican peso is poised for gains this year (Marc to Market)

Did the fiscal cliff pull back online holiday shopping? (Quartz)

Anita Liskey is the managing director of corporate marketing and communications at CME Group.

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