Market Update: The Bulls Make Their Case

On his last visit to Market Update, Alan Rohrbach discussed how the burden of proof is on the bulls. Last week on the first trading day of the year, he says the bulls made their case when huge gains in equities were posted.  The fundamentals and the psychology in the market are strong, he says, and he explains why that’s been good for bullish equity market participants.

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  1. Alan Rohrbach on Jan 12, 2013 at 1:41 pm:Reply

    Thanks to CME Open Markets and Jack B. for having me on this Market Update.
    And the follow on view into next week (i.e. 01/14/2013) is just how critical the March S&P 500 future is in the 1,465-1,475 range… just as we discuussed in the video last Wednesday.
    Hope your readers/viewers find that useful. -AR