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On the stage at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater back in May, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel presented 96 Chicago Public School students with $1000 grants to further their education.  The awards were part of the Mayoral Award for Student Achievement sponsored by CME Group. The awards are aimed at educating and training the next generation of futures market professionals.

Five of the 96 were selected by CME Group clearing firms for paid summer internships at ADM Investor Services, Advantage Futures, Mizuho Securities, Newedge USA, and XR Trading.

Chicago media have highlighted two of the internship recipients recently.

18 year-old Carlos Cobarrubias, the American born son of undocumented immigrants, was selected for an internship with Mizuho Securities. Carlos graduated from Prosser Career Academy with a 4.95 GPA and a scholarship to the University of Southern California.

In the above video, he tells WGN TV:

This is something I didn’t think would happen to me because in my life I never really won anything, nothing was ever given to me.

In an interview with NBC, alongside Terry Duffy, DeAmonte Nelson talked about his internship opportunity with XR Trading.

It’ll definitely give me an early, hands on experience because I’m looking forward to going into electrical engineering.

DeAmonte will attend Pitzer College this fall on a full academic scholarship.

CME Group Executive Chairman Terry Duffy cited the Mayoral Scholarship Award Program as a part of CME Group’s focus on supporting and investing in the community of Chicago, with more than $22 million given to local charities in the last few years.

“CME is an enabler for the youth of Chicago to come into this dynamic business”, Said Duffy in the interview, “We need more people to follow the footsteps of what DeAmonte is doing.”

In all, the achievement award scholarships have provided more than $1 million to help nearly 1,500 Chicago Public Schools students advance their academic and professional careers since the program was inaugurated in 1986.

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