Video: Saracens Takes on Life After Professional Sports


Last week, we profiled how Saracens Rugby Club is preparing players for their post-sports careers. It’s an approach that clashes with the typical idea of the commoditized professional athlete by focusing  on what the player encounters once their playing days are over. We interviewed several players, coaches and executives about the program in the above video. These include Saracens CEO Edward Griffiths, who explains the approach:

“For many professional sports people, there is a secret dread fear, which is ‘what  on earth am I going to do when I retire? How am I going to maintain my earning? How am I going to look after my family? How am I going to pay my mortgage?’ We want to ensure every Saracens player is prepared for a seamless transition into a second career. And we do that by making it compulsory for every player either to be in further education or to spend one day a week in work experience in a relevant field.”

The program fits with a Saracens culture that prides itself on treating players, as Griffiths says it, “unbelievably well.”  CME Group is a Saracens sponsor, and will be working with the team to develop an internship program to give players work experience for their post-Rugby lives.  Players Hayden Smith, Chris Wyles and Brett Barritt, along with assistant coach Alex Sanderson also appear in the video.

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Evan Peterson is director of corporate marketing at CME Group and managing editor of OpenMarkets.

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