Justin Bozzino


Justin Bozzino is executive director of energy products at CME Group.

Energy Regulation.

How Energy Markets are Responding to Regulation

  If the big story in 2012 was the writing by governments of new rules on the conduct of markets,…

Dubai Mercantile Exchange

Today’s Number: 4 Billion Barrels

Image courtesy Dubai Mercantile Exchange The Dubai Mercantile Exchange announced today that it has now reached the four billion barrel…

DME_5th_Yr_Infographic_640 x 360

Infographic: Five Years for the Dubai Mercantile Exchange

Click here for a full-size image. Our partners at the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, who celebrated their 5th anniversary this week….

Pipeline Waterborne

Crude Oil: The Waterborne vs. Pipeline Myth

  It has become almost an article of faith in some quarters that ‘waterborne’ crude oil benchmarks are somehow more…

Energy Policy

An Undue Influence on Energy Markets

  Too often, when high prices or market inefficiencies emerge in crude oil markets, “speculative influences” are blamed. My colleagues…