Lynn Strongin Dodds

Global Finance Writer


Lynn Strongin Dodds has been a financial and business journalist for more than 20 years. She started her career at Reuters and has worked at a variety of publications including Financial World, Financial Director and Financial News. Since 2003, Lynn has been a regular contributor to FTSE Global Markets, Investments and Pensions Europe, Portfolio Institutional and European Pensions. She is also editor of Best Execution, a quarterly magazine.

Common Bond: Exploring the idea of a Eurobond

Last summer, the idea of a Eurobond generated a great deal of buzz, but the discussions died down in the wake of the European Central Bank’s long term financing obligation program at the end of 2011. Fast forward to today and the subject is moving back towards the front of the agenda.

Changing Standards: DME Oman’s Quest for Benchmark Status

The Dubai Mercantile Exchange, may be setting new trading records but can it make real inroads in getting its Oman crude oil futures contract accepted as a leading benchmark for pricing oil deals?