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MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: Brexit Volatility

A 75-year experiment has officially unraveled as the U.K. leaves the European Union. Jack discusses the many ancillary effects on…

Market Update_0514

Market Update: Fed Day

The Fed decided not to move rates at this week’s meeting. That was expected. But according to Jack Bouroudjian, breaking…

Market Update_0514

Market Update: Roll-Over Condition

A strong market often emerges ahead of the roll-over condition, which occurs a week from Friday, says Jack.  Also, he…

Market Update_0514

Market Update: Looking Ahead to FOMC

Janet Yellen’s remarks Monday were the last before the quiet period for Fed officals ahead of next week’s FOMC meeting….

China_Cloud_640x360 (2)

How The Cloud Is Moving China beyond Manufacturing

China’s emphasis on growing its service economy, as it moves away from manufacturing as a driver, marks a new phase…

Market Update_110212

Market Update: Whirlwind of Information

Along with end of month/beginning of month cash flows, two critical events are creating a whirlwind of information this week,…

Market Update_082313


  Memorial Day makes next week a shortened one but Jack looks ahead to what’s coming up. Many Fed officials…

Market Update_0514

Market Update: The Appetite for Risk

The entire month has changed for portfolio managers over the last three days. Jack discusses how the Fed and the…

MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: Equities and the Yield Curve

Equities will be focused on end of the month activity and the Federal Reserve, says Jack Bouroudjian. The June rate…


Weekly Outlook: Lots of Fed Speeches

Market participants mostly do not expect a Fed rate increase at the Fed’s June meeting. According to CME Group’s Fed…

MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: Clarification or Confusion?

Jack discusses today’s volatility to the upside, and looks ahead to next week.  It includes T+3 on Wednesday, the last…

Market Update_082313

Market Update: Two Factors Weighing on Prices

The price action this week has been dominated by energy and the Federal Reserve, says Jack Bouroudjian. Along with the…