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Weekly Outlook: FOMC Meeting and Turmoil in Commodities

  A big week ahead as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) reconvenes on Tuesday. The FOMC meeting minutes release…


Colin Powell Discusses America’s Diplomatic Role

  This video is the first of a four-part interview we conducted with former Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding…

MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: The Fall of Gold

  Today’s markets saw a plunge in the price of gold. Could falling oil and gold prices indicate a larger…

OM_Housing_04_640x360 (3)

Weekly Outlook: Housing Sales and Greece Bailout

  This week will provide significant insight into the housing market with the release of last month’s existing and new…


A Fed Rate Rise Coming in September?

  Despite futures market indications and urgings by Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) leaders to delay a looming federal funds…

MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: Surprising Data

    This quarter’s earnings so far and the recently released Producer Price Index are both higher than expected. Jack…


The Commodity Outlook in China’s New Normal

As China’s economy rebalances towards being consumption-driven and commodity markets adjust to lower prices, there is still considerable uncertainty about the future.

MarketUpdate 102212

Market Update: the FED, Greece, & Earnings

This week’s two-day testimony by Janet Yellen may provide further insight into what is going on behind the scenes at…


Weekly Outlook: Greece, Iran & Yellen Testimony

  Greece and Iran enter another important week with both countries potentially reaching respective agreements this week. Janet Yellen testifies…

Market Update Jack Bouroudjian 0913

Market Update: Where’s the Volatility Coming From?

  Extended triple digit moves defined the week in U.S. markets. Jack reviews how the falling Chinese equity markets are having…


Deep Learning Is The Future: Q&A With Naveen Rao of Nervana Systems

CME Group was one of several companies taking part in a $20.5 million funding round for the San Diego startup,…

Market Update BR

Market Update: Greece, China & Technology

  The Greece news has been priced into the market, but what about China? Jack reviews how the stock market…