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Market Update: Fed Day, Fed Moves

After today’s anticipated Fed move, Jack Bouroudjian discusses the possibilities of what could come out of the FOMC decision.

Market Update: Central-Bank-A-Thon Time

Jack Bouroudjian prepares us for next week’s Central Bank meetings and the possible outcomes of these meetings.

Market Update: Unemployment & the Yield Curve

After last Friday’s unemployment number, Jack Bouroudjian discusses how that number has played into the market especially in the yield…

Market Update: Unemployment Friday

Jack Bouroudjian discusses the nonfarm payroll number that was released today and what that means for the markets.

Market Update: Last Days of May

After the holiday weekend, Jack Bouroudjian focuses on the last trading days in May, Italian bonds and the yield curve.

Weekly Outlook: Jobs Report and GDP

The market will be watching the jobs report in this holiday-shortened week for clues on what it may mean for…

Market Update: Interest Rate Risk

On top of headline risk, there’s interest rate risk. Jack Bouroudjian looks at how the yield curve is affecting rates…

Market Update: A Risk Off Day

Jack Bouroudjian examines the headline risk affecting the market today, especially news concerning China and trade.

Weekly Outlook: Oil and Consumer Confidence

Oil markets will remain on watch this week as prices have reached levels not seen in nearly four years. Later…

Market Update: Dollars and The Fed

As U.S. dollars are repatriated from overseas, a natural demand for dollars is rising. Jack Bouroudjian looks at how this…

Market Update: Yield Spreads

Jack Bouroudjian looks at the different yields in futures for the 10 and 30 year notes, and why you should…