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Market Update: Critical Week Ahead

Equity markets are undertaking their largest rebalancing since 1999. Jack Bouroudjinan discusses how this could affect market volatility as the…

Market Update: China and U.S. Treasuries

Jack Bouroudjian discusses the impact of Chinese ownership of U.S. Treasuries declining.

Market Update: Rotation and Expiration

The rotation in equity markets continues, as money moves from tech stocks to other sectors. Meanwhile, the sell-off in fixed…

Market Update: Quadruple Expiration

As we head into next weeks quadruple expiration, Jack Bouroudjian explores the recent moves in the yield-curve.

Market Update: Upcoming Rate Hikes & The Marketplace

As expectations for a Fed rate hike grow, Jack Bouroudjian discusses potential market moves for the rest of the year.

Market Update: Key Points from Jobs Report

Jack Bouroudjian dissects the key points from today’s unemployment report, and discusses why copper is an important commodity to watch.

Market Update: September’s Key Indicators

Historically, September has been a down month for equity markets. Jack Bouroudjian discusses why the Fed, U.S. dollar and earnings…

Market Update: Vacation Month Action

Jack Bouroudjian covers the significance of the dollar correction and new stock market highs in a month where many traders…

Market Update: A Tale of Two Markets

Although the equities market is hitting all-time highs, Jack Bouroudjian also wants us to pay attention to the bond market….

Market Update: Market Digestion

As the market digests the recent headline news, Jack Bouroudjian explains why we should to pay attention to the yield…

Market Update: Holiday Market Period

Historically a low trading period until after Labor Day, Jack Bouroudjian says trends may be different this time around. See…

Market Update: August Volatility

Although historically a quiet month, August has been anything but. Jack Bouroudjian tells us to pay attention to the rising…