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Market Update: Headline Risk

Jack Bouroudjian discusses risk affecting the market from Facebook and Twitter, and looks ahead to this week’s FOMC meeting.

Weekly Outlook: Powell’s First FOMC Meeting

The Federal Reserve meets this week, and a rate hike is highly anticipated in Jay Powell’s first meeting as Fed…

Market Update: Inflation & Headlines

After the Consumer Price Index numbers and Producer Price Index numbers last week, Jack Bouroudjian says we need to pay…

Market Update: After the Jobs Number

After a strong jobs number Friday, where will the market focus this week? Jack Bouroudjian says the Consumer Price Index…

Weekly Outlook: CPI and Growth Forecasts

Market watchers and traders will be paying attention to Tuesday’s CPI report to see where the U.S. stands with inflation….

Market Update: A Strong Jobs Report

Jack Bouroudjian looks at what a strong jobs number might mean for markets in the week ahead.

Market Update: Headline Risk

We saw an equities market reaction to Gary Cohn’s exit from the White House Tuesday. Jack Bouroudjian discusses how the…

Market Update: Containment

A lot of investment strategies were pressed on their heels to begin the month. The word of the day driving…

Weekly Outlook: Jobs and Oil Discussion

The vote in Italy may have resulted in a hung parliament on Sunday, which could weigh on markets this week….

Market Update: A Slow Start to March

March has started with a couple of weak sessions, driven in part by interest rates inching up and now tariff…

Market Update: February Down

Equity markets were down in February for the first time in nine years. Jack Bouroudjian reviews what we should be…

Market Update: Fed Chair First Testimony

Jack Bouroudjian looks ahead at the potential impact of Jerome Powell’s first congressional testimony as Fed Chair.