Suzanne Cosgrove

Finance and Business Writer


Suzanne Cosgrove spent much of her career at financial wire services and the Chicago Tribune, where she served as assistant financial editor. In 1996, she opened the Chicago bureau for the Market News International wire service and served as bureau chief for four years. In addition to freelance work, Suzanne is an adjunct professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Myron Scholes: Exploring Uncertainty and Keeping an Eye on the Herd

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How the Grocery Industry Is Using Futures Markets

The effects of the commodity market volatility of a few years ago trickled down to grocery stores, and impacted prices consumers paid for dairy, grains and produce. Some in the grocery business chose to begin managing similar volatility through futures markets.

Markets are Preparing for an End to QE, But When Will it Come?

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What Happens After QE?

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MSRI Prize: Robert Shiller Keeps Innovating

Robert Shiller is best known for the index that bears his name, but from digital media to new concepts for futures and securities, he isn’t running out of ideas anytime soon.

Nearing Middle Age, FX Futures Show No Sign of Slowing Down

Foreign currency futures celebrated their 40th anniversary in May, but shifts in the global marketplace appear to be giving it a second wind.

The New Information Paradigm

The explosive growth of the digital world appears to have a further upside as new information technologies – and their…