Tim Andriesen


Tim Andriesen is Managing Director of agricultural and alternative investment products at CME Group.

Cattle Worthing

Cattle Markets: Why Cash and Futures Need to Converge  

Futures markets are designed for price discovery and risk management. They are based on an underlying cash market for a…

Livestock Trading Hours

Finding the Right Balance on Livestock Hours

  When we announced earlier this month that we were reducing livestock trading hours, the response we received from market…


World Food Day and Commodity Markets

  Thursday was World Food Day, a time when global food security takes center stage. From my perspective, the day,…

Beef Scholarship

Today’s Number: 25 Years of the CME Beef Industry Scholarship

  Through our ongoing partnership with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), we’ve long been focused on providing young people…

New Crop options

Top Five Reasons To Watch Short Dated New Crop Options

  As farmers prepare for harvest this fall, they will reach the culmination of what has been a strange production…


A New Trading Floor For Kansas Wheat

  The long history of American grain markets is defined by several landmark events. One of the first was the…

Short Dated New Crop Options

Today’s Number: Hedging the New Crop in the Short Term

  There’s good news – for most of the eastern corn belts the drought is over. Then there’s bad news…

Grain Trading Hours

Finding the Right Balance on Grain Hours

  While at the National Grain and Feed Association’s annual conference this week, I had the opportunity to speak with…

KCBT Wheat

Where the World Comes to Trade Wheat

  Today, the Chicago Board of Trade and Kansas City Board of Trade are officially part of the same organization….

Food Security

How Markets Help Create Food Security

  When people talk about food security, what first comes to mind are usually things like people starving in developing…

A New Era for Canada’s Wheat Farmers

If all goes as planned, the Canadian Wheat Board’s (CWB) monopoly on marketing western Canadian wheat and barley will come…

The Role of Futures Markets in Providing Food Security

“I will acknowledge that markets exist.” For most of us a statement like that is right up there with “the…