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MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: A Volatile September?

  Where does all the equity index volatility leave market participants going into the rest of the month? Jack takes…

Market Update_0514

Market Update: Anticipating the Week Ahead

  Last week saw more price action than normal for the late summer months, and Jack expects further waves of…


Market Update: Why so much volatility?

  While the late summer months are historically quiet, this past week saw high levels of volatility. Jack discusses how the…

Market Update_110212

Market Update: What’s Leading the Volatility?

  With all of the volatility this week, Jack looks a what asset classes are leading the trend, and why….

Market Update_082313


Jack talks about crude going down today and how that affected equities as well as the FOMC minutes coming out 15…


Market Update: Data and Vacation Season

  It’s an important week for data with the release of housing starts, inflation numbers and weekly jobless claims, which…

Market Update_0514

Market Update: Response to Yuan

  Equity markets in China and the U.S., both up on the week, seem to be waiting to see if…

Market Update_021513

Market Update: A Summer Rally on the Rise?

  Jack weighs in on a possible summer rally in equity markets. The Dow Jones has bounced back, and market…

Market Update Jack Bouroudjian 0913


The last couple of days we’ve received mixed signals from Fed speakers regarding the possibility of a rate hike, causing…

MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: A Strong August Ahead?

  August historically is a weak time for equities, but Jack describes why July’s up and down market could be…

Market Update BR


As July comes to a close we continue to see sideways action for stocks.  Jack says all this seems to…

MarketUpdate 121012

Market Update: The Fall of Gold

  Today’s markets saw a plunge in the price of gold. Could falling oil and gold prices indicate a larger…