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Dairy Markets

Monday Outlook: Milk Production and Housing

  The EU lifted its milk quota at the beginning of the month, and Tuesday marks the first release of…


Monday Outlook: Housing Data

  March housing data is released Thursday, and the Fed’s Beige Book release Wednesday highlight the economic week ahead.  See…


Q&A with OzU Invest, Winners of the 2015 CME Group Trading Challenge

Back in the 2000s, one of Turkey’s most successful businessmen, billionaire Hüsnü Özyeğin, saw some of the economic challenges in…

China Gold 2015

Why Gold Ownership Continues to Grow in China

The attention of the global gold market shifted decidedly eastwards in 2013 when China passed India as the world’s biggest…

USDA Planted Acreage

Monday Outlook: Big Week for Ag Markets

  The USDA’s Prospective Plantings report is one of the biggest of the year for agricultural markets. The report reveals the…

Jose Scheinkman

José Scheinkman: A Curious Economist Who Keeps Asking Questions

In the economic community, José Scheinkman’s wide-ranging research is highly regarded and well known. His work has tackled a diverse…


Monday Outlook: It’s FOMC Week

  It’s FOMC week, and you know what that means. From gold to Eurodollars, the market is preparing for what…

USDA Planted Acreage

Monday Outlook: Grain Supply and Demand

  The monthly crop production and USDA supply and demand reports on Tuesday will be ones to watch for grain…

Snowed In

Monday Outlook: Winter Weather’s Impact

  Several major economic reports will be released this week, and the market will be watching how much weather affects…


These Three Factors Are Holding Back Growth in Latin America

Latin American currencies have weakened a great deal since early 2014 in large part due to slow growth in the region. These trends are likely to continue through 2015, for three primary reasons.

Trading Challenge 2015 infographic

Infographic: The CME Group Trading Challenge

The preliminary round of the annual CME Group Trading Challenge wrapped up Thursday, February 19, with several universities still battling…

Grain Storage

New Storage Alternatives Help Grain Farmers

A common sight in farm country during the 2014 harvest was massive piles of harvested corn and soybeans as big…