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Weather Outlook

USDA Meteorologist Talks Weather Data and 2015’s Biggest Ag Story

Ahead of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Prospective Plantings report March 31, farmers, ranchers and agribusiness are looking at a…

Joseph Glauber

USDA Chief Economist Talks Food Prices, Land Values and Demand

The drought of 2012 has not increased U.S. or global food prices as much as once predicted, though there may…

USDA Reports

Why USDA Reports Matter to Ag Markets

  As crop reports go, this week’s 2013 USDA Prospective Plantings release is one of the big ones. It will…

Dave Baudler

Ag Markets Outlook: Q&A with David Baudler of Cargill AgHorizons

  If the drought of 2012 did not bring American farmers into the public conscience outside of the ag community,…

2013 Ag Outlook

What Risk Management Means to Agriculture in 2013

  The coverage of  U.S. budget sequestration in agricultural news came with a bit of irony in one respect. The…


Chicago Fed Economist on The Impact of The 2012 Drought

  Incredibly, variability in crop quality will stand out as one of the hallmarks of a drought-hit 2012 growing season…