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Suzanne Cosgrove

Finance and Business Writer

Suzanne Cosgrove spent much of her career at financial wire services and the Chicago Tribune, where she served as assistant financial editor. In 1996, she opened the Chicago bureau for the Market News International wire service and served as bureau chief for four years. In addition to freelance work, Suzanne is an adjunct professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Melanie Wold

U.S. and European Markets Writer

Melanie Wold is a freelance journalist specializing in U.S. and European financial markets and trading technology. She also covers energy markets, foreign exchange, technology market data and regulatory issues. In addition to OpenMarkets, Melanie is a regular contributor to Financial News, Institutional Investor, Inside Market Data and Profit & Loss. Melanie provides regular market commentary at www.thewoldreport.blogspot.com.

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Lynn Strongin Dodds

Global Finance Writer

Lynn Strongin Dodds has been a financial and business journalist for more than 20 years. She started her career at Reuters and has worked at a variety of publications including Financial World, Financial Director and Financial News. Since 2003, Lynn has been a regular contributor to FTSE Global Markets, Investments and Pensions Europe, Portfolio Institutional and European Pensions. She is also editor of Best Execution, a quarterly magazine.

Karen Epper Hoffman

Technology and Business Writer

Karen Epper Hoffman is a full-time freelance writer with more than 15 years’ experience covering financial services, technology and general business issues. For the past three years, Karen has been OpenMarkets’ technology writer and has written articles about co-location and algo trading. In addition to OpenMarkets, Karen has written for American Banker, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and Internet World. She lives in Europe.

Dwight Cass

Finance and Economics Writer

Dwight Cass has reported on issues in finance and economics for more than two decades. Dwight was editor-in-chief of Worth, a monthly consumer magazine covering wealth management, entrepreneurship and related issues for affluent Americans. He was previously editor of Risk magazine, a publication focused on derivatives and capital markets. Dwight was a speaker at the 2006 Milken Institute Global Conference.

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Douglas McWhirter

Finance and Technology Writer

Douglas McWhirter writes about finance and technology. Douglas was previously the executive editor at Robb Report, creating both print and online content geared toward high net worth individuals. He also served as the Executive Editor of Worth magazine, where his editorial focus was alternative investments, the markets and real estate.

Debbie Carlson

Commodities Markets Writer

Debbie Carlson has focused on commodities for much of her writing career. She spent more than a decade at Dow Jones covering the Chicago-based futures exchanges. As a Dow Jones editor, she worked closely with The Wall Street Journal and Barron's in planning commodities coverage.

Dawn Kissi


Dawn Kissi is an international cross-platform journalist covering the business, finance and economies of the world's emerging markets. She reports and produces content on sovereign and geopolitical risk, central banks, global exchanges and various sectors within financial markets. Her journalism career began in the New York newsroom of ABC News. She has since reported on a range of topics from a number of countries. She is multi-lingual and a graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.