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How Natural Gas Is Reshaping U.S. Energy

Natural gas prices are in a four-year-plus bear market under the weight of record inventories. The bounty of this resource is now leading to a structural shift in the U.S. energy demand landscape.

Shaun Rein

Why We’re at the End of Cheap China: Q&A with Author Shaun Rein

China is now not just the world’s second largest economy but also a country undergoing tremendous change. It is this China at a crossroads from factory workshop to consumer society that Shaun Rein explores in his timely new book “The End of Cheap China”.

Snow Futures

A Market for Snow: How Businesses Use Futures to Prepare for Winter

Snow levels can hurt or help a business’s bottom line, but long-term weather forecasts cannot offer absolute certainty. This is where snowfall futures come in.

Howard Lindzon StockTwits

OpenSource: How Social Media is Transforming the Financial Community

An interview with StockTwits Founder Howard Lindzon on his company, the markets and the future of social media.

Hurricane Futures

A Different Kind of Hurricane Preparedness

As the heart of hurricane season approaches, why some companies need a comprehensive way to hedge against losses related to storm-related risk. This is where hurricane futures come into play.


Fuel for Growth: What’s Driving U.S. Energy Markets?

The landscape for the U.S. energy markets has changed substantially over the past few years. The market is experiencing rising consumer and industrial demand from emerging markets while new technologies are opening up resources.

South African Rand

South Africa’s Currency Retains International Appeal

South Africa is poised to move beyond its emerging market status. And the Rand, the official and heavily traded currency, could very well tell the story of the country’s market dynamics.

MIST Countries

The New Economic Potential in the MIST

As market participants absorb the reverberations of the latest Fed acronym – QE3 – some market participants are looking to a new country acronym as the next place to put their focus.

Farmer Tech

How New Technology is Reshaping Agriculture

Technologically savvy American farmers are using everything from simple text messages to GPS to biomass imaging in order to manage their production in ways not possible 10 to 15 years ago.


The New Economics of Food

Agriculture is facing formidable challenges in the 21st century as there are more people than ever on Earth. Technology and private/public partnerships are just two of the factors that can help the agriculture sector keep pace with the world’s growing demands for food.

Spain Ireland

Is a Bailout Ahead for Spain? Just Look to Ireland

Watching developments in Spain since the beginning of April has been a source of non-stop déjà vu for anyone who watched events unfold in Ireland in 2010.


Renminbi in Reserve

As China continues to cautiously move its currency toward convertibility, it will take on greater prominence in global currency markets, even raising the possibility of the renminbi as a reserve currency.