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Douglas Diamond

Douglas Diamond: The Father of Modern Banking Theory Continues Making Progress

In the finance world, Douglas Diamond’s pioneering work on banking laid the groundwork for almost all modern financial economics research…

Capital Markets Union

Europe’s Search For Capital

Early in 2015, the EU Commission published a green paper on the idea of a Capital Markets Union (CMU) for all 28 member states of the European Union. Seven months on, has this long-term project gotten off to a good start?


How Options Are Changing Livestock Markets

Futures markets have always been one way for producers to mitigate risk, but livestock options have seen a surge in volume and open interest in recent years.


The Commodity Outlook in China’s New Normal

As China’s economy rebalances towards being consumption-driven and commodity markets adjust to lower prices, there is still considerable uncertainty about the future.


Cocoa: Food of the Gods Faces 21st Century Challenges

With the prediction cocoa demand will outstrip supply within five years, the industry is in dire need of better management and more sophisticated trading tools to help farmers and consumers cope.

Oil Price Derivatives

How Derivatives Can Help Navigate the Oil Price Collapse

The greater than 50 percent collapse in oil prices caught most of the world by surprise. It now seems clear that a quick price rebound is unlikely and attention is turning to what a new era of cheap oil means.

Jose Scheinkman

José Scheinkman: A Curious Economist Who Keeps Asking Questions

With a voracious appetite for current events and social phenomenon, Scheinkman is a renaissance man in the economics world roving from one curious question to the next.


These Three Factors Are Holding Back Growth in Latin America

Latin American currencies have weakened a great deal since early 2014 in large part due to slow growth in the region. These trends are likely to continue through 2015, for three primary reasons.

Remote Sensing

How Satellite Technology Is Predicting Crop Yields: Q&A with Thomson Reuters

As extreme weather becomes more frequent and increasingly impacts the price behavior of agricultural commodities, new and more sophisticated techniques of forecasting crop yields are emerging.

Gordon Brown_640x360

Gordon Brown on the Eurozone’s “Wasted Decade”

As the leader of the U.K. during the global financial crisis that began in 2008, Gordon Brown has a unique perspective on what led to the Eurozone’s problems then, and what continues to keep the EU in a state of high unemployment and low growth.

Commodity Indexes 2

Commodities Investing Is Making A Comeback

After the global financial crisis, commodity markets became more correlated with equity and bond markets. That’s changing now, and it might be time for another look at the sector.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum: Why the Market for Tomorrow’s Metal is Looking Brighter

This should be the best of times for the aluminum business, but the metal has become almost impossible to hedge over the past several months due to a surge in the Midwest premium. How are aluminum consumers and producers dealing with the challenges?