This section brings you in-depth storytelling and analysis from our contributing writers and global thought leaders. Here you will find magazine-style stories and essays that explore the trends impacting derivatives markets and the global economy.

Growing participation of Asian retail investors in derivatives trading

Asian retail investors are increasingly flexing their muscles and becoming important participants in the derivatives market. CME Group’s retail trading…

The World’s Best Student Traders are from Texas’ Rio Grande Valley

How three students from Texas beat 500 teams from around the world trading only crude oil futures

A Closer Look at CME Group’s Bitcoin Futures Launch

CME Group’s head of equity index on the advantages of bitcoin coming to a regulated marketplace.

The Russell 2000 Surge And What It Means for Futures

The small cap index has seen a bounce, and a move for Russell 2000 futures is showing strong interest.

FX Futures: How Currency Trading Revolutionized Finance

The story behind the world’s first financial futures contracts.

S&P 500 Futures: A Global Benchmark Turns 35

How the the spoos became the first successful equity futures contract.

Eurodollar Futures: A Key Barometer of Global Money Flows

A critical cog in the global finance system turns 35.

The Data Dump in Options Trading

An increase in analysis tools has helped democratize the process for options trading.

With High Production, Is Food Deflation Here to Stay?

Ample grain stocks, bumper harvests and flagging Chinese demand have food prices in the U.S. and Europe sagging. Is there room for a long-term recovery?

Douglas Diamond: The Father of Modern Banking Theory

In the finance world, Douglas Diamond’s pioneering work on banking laid the groundwork for almost all modern financial economics research…

Europe’s Search For Capital

Early in 2015, the EU Commission published a green paper on the idea of a Capital Markets Union (CMU) for all 28 member states of the European Union. Seven months on, has this long-term project gotten off to a good start?

How Options Are Changing Livestock Markets

Futures markets have always been one way for producers to mitigate risk, but livestock options have seen a surge in volume and open interest in recent years.