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Gordon Brown on the Eurozone’s “Wasted Decade”

As the leader of the U.K. during the global financial crisis that began in 2008, Gordon Brown has a unique perspective on what led to the Eurozone’s problems then, and what continues to keep the EU in a state of high unemployment and low growth.

The Global Economy in 2014: A Stronger Growth Path?

As we prepare for 2014, the world economic scene is evolving yet again with stronger growth potential in the U.S. and U.K., China encouraging market forces, and the European banking system still dragging down the continent.

Common Bond: Exploring the idea of a Eurobond

Last summer, the idea of a Eurobond generated a great deal of buzz, but the discussions died down in the wake of the European Central Bank’s long term financing obligation program at the end of 2011. Fast forward to today and the subject is moving back towards the front of the agenda.

Is a Bailout Ahead for Spain? Just Look to Ireland

Watching developments in Spain since the beginning of April has been a source of non-stop déjà vu for anyone who watched events unfold in Ireland in 2010.

Eurozone Crisis: In the Eye of the Storm

The Eurozone crisis has been in retreat since the introduction of the European Central Bank’s three-year long-term refinancing operations in December. Economist Megan Greene writes that the current lull does not indicate that the Eurozone is in the clear, but is simply in the eye of the storm, and more drama awaits.

Q&A With Economic Historian Niall Ferguson

If an event has affected global economics and commerce in the last millennium, chances are that Niall Ferguson has written about it.