Innovation and new technology development have been a big part of the history of futures markets. In this section, we highlight the new ideas and products that are shaping today’s business environment and helping companies grow.

Financial Tech Trends

Four Financial Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

  The beginning of a new year brings new excitement and plenty of prognostication. This is especially true when you…

Remote Sensing

How Satellite Technology Is Predicting Crop Yields: Q&A with Thomson Reuters

As extreme weather becomes more frequent and increasingly impacts the price behavior of agricultural commodities, new and more sophisticated techniques of forecasting crop yields are emerging.


What Alibaba’s IPO Can Tell Us About Corporate Venturing

The financial press was abuzz Sept. 19 with news and speculation about the highly anticipated IPO of Alibaba (NYSE: BABA),…

Emerging Technology in Finance

The Emerging Tech That’s Advancing the Financial Sector

High-performance computing is moving deeper into the financial sector, reshaping functions such as marketing and longer-term investment strategies — areas…


A New App for Learning About Ag Markets

  A few weeks ago, CME Group and 4-H announced they would be continuing their partnership in educating kids at…


Video: From the Field to the Pump – The Economics of Oil

  The average price of gasoline in the United States is currently around $3.68 per gallon – the highest price…

Corporate Venture Capital

Another Way to Fund Tech Ventures

There is a narrative that goes with the typical rise of a successful startup in today’s technology boom.  Some problem…

Ag Software

Where Ag Risk Management Meets Technology

Technological advances over the past decade are helping farmers run their businesses better, but there have been limits to how much technological advancement the agricultural industry has witnessed on the risk management side.

Ag Broker Tech

Ag Market Brokers Connecting Through Apps, Software

Technology is helping agricultural brokers build improved risk-management programs for farmers, allowing them to much more easily chart different strategies…


Derivatives Made Simple: A New Way to Learn Futures

  The price of beef in the United States is near all-time highs. This can be traced to a number…

Social Media Investing

Q&A: How Market Participants are Using Social Media

Social media is becoming a critical listening post for investors and traders who are looking for early signals on market…

Open Source Globex

Open Source Continues to Change Electronic Trading

  When it comes to news coverage of electronic markets, speed is often the first thing – sometimes the only…