Innovation and new technology development have been a big part of the history of futures markets. In this section, we highlight the new ideas and products that are shaping today’s business environment and helping companies grow.

social media convo bubbles

Social Media and the Futures Industry

  Yesterday, the Futures Industry Association hosted an event in Chicago on the effects of social media in our industry….

Linux Penguin

OpenSource: A Discussion with the Linux Foundation

  OpenSource is a series where we discuss technology and innovation with thought leaders and the various ways information, data…

FX Tipping Point

Gareth Bale and the Tipping Point for FX Volume

  The term “tipping point” is a medical one and is the moment in an epidemic when a virus reaches…


Social Agriculture

Farmers seeking the latest information on prices and crop conditions are more likely to check their Twitter feed before calling their broker as social media plays a bigger role in how producers are managing their farms and their positions.


Social Media On The Farm

  Nightly Business Report featured a story last night from Diane Eastabrook, who explored how farmers are using social media…

Ag Lending Technology

How High-Tech Is Helping Lenders Improve Ag Risk Management

New technology is helping agricultural lenders get a better handle on their customers’ marketing strategies, which is leading to improved…

FX Futures History

Nearing Middle Age, FX Futures Show No Sign of Slowing Down

Foreign currency futures celebrated their 40th anniversary in May, but shifts in the global marketplace appear to be giving it a second wind.


Big Data, Real Time

Technology provider StreamBase Systems helps market participants develop more accurate pricing models with its “information in motion.”


Q&A with Don Wilson, Founder of DRW Trading Group

Don Wilson founded DRW trading group 20 years ago as a sole proprietorship. Thanks in part to the emergence of…

James Burkhard

James Burkhard on U.S. Oil and Gas Production Growth

The International Energy Agency surprised energy market watchers and consumers when it announced in November 2012 their expectation that the…

IMM pit

Innovate to Advance: 40 years of Foreign Exchange Futures

  A futures industry without trading in foreign currencies and other financial futures is difficult to imagine today. But in…

China Shale Gas

China’s Huge Shale Gas Opportunity

China is sitting on the largest shale gas reserves outside the United States. But can the world’s largest energy user…