Innovation and new technology development have been a big part of the history of futures markets. In this section, we highlight the new ideas and products that are shaping today’s business environment and helping companies grow.

Ag Software

Where Ag Risk Management Meets Technology

Technological advances over the past decade are helping farmers run their businesses better, but there have been limits to how much technological advancement the agricultural industry has witnessed on the risk management side.

Ag Broker Tech

Ag Market Brokers Connecting Through Apps, Software

Technology is helping agricultural brokers build improved risk-management programs for farmers, allowing them to much more easily chart different strategies…


Derivatives Made Simple: A New Way to Learn Futures

  The price of beef in the United States is near all-time highs. This can be traced to a number…

Social Media Investing

Q&A: How Market Participants are Using Social Media

Social media is becoming a critical listening post for investors and traders who are looking for early signals on market…

Open Source Globex

Open Source Continues to Change Electronic Trading

  When it comes to news coverage of electronic markets, speed is often the first thing – sometimes the only…

Linux Penguin

OpenSource: A Discussion with the Linux Foundation

  OpenSource is a series where we discuss technology and innovation with thought leaders and the various ways information, data…

Cloud computing 2

In Cloud Computing, It’s the Era of Convergence

  Today, I am on a panel at the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Conference in London to talk about all recent…

Sal Khan Still

Sal Khan on Education as a Human Right

  The story of how Sal Khan started the wildly popular Khan Academy is one of those you like to…

Ag Lending Technology

How High-Tech Is Helping Lenders Improve Ag Risk Management

New technology is helping agricultural lenders get a better handle on their customers’ marketing strategies, which is leading to improved…

China Shale Gas

China’s Huge Shale Gas Opportunity

China is sitting on the largest shale gas reserves outside the United States. But can the world’s largest energy user…

Jimmy Wales

OpenSource: Jimmy Wales on Information Sharing in Business

  When people imagine competitors using shared resources in business, they might not typically think of the financial industry. But…

Market Data

The Growing Demand for Market Data

  CME Group received the Inside Market Data Award for Best Data Provider of 2013 among global exchanges this May….