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Andy Massey Bonnell

Video: The New Challenges for Aluminum Producers

  This is part four of our interview series on the state of the aluminum market, and the opportunities for…

British Pounds_640x360

Post-Scottish Vote, Pound Activity Continues

  On the day voters went to the polls in Scotland, volume in the front month Pound futures was a…

British Pounds_640x360

How The Scottish Independence Vote Is Impacting the Pound

  With the Scottish referendum vote this week, interest in the British Pound increased with the release of any information…


Monday Outlook: Fed Week Is Here

  It’s a pivotal week for all kinds of markets, namely interest rates and equities, as the U.S. Federal Reserve…

Tim Weiner MillerCoors

How MillerCoors Addresses Aluminum Price Risk

  Though aluminum has become a fashionable material of late for industries ranging from cell phones to automobiles, it has…


Monday Outlook: USDA Report Week

  The United States is very likely going to produce a record amount of corn this year. One of the…

Rugby Global

How Saracens is Globalizing Rugby

Finding a “kindred spirit” is no longer just for love and friendship – call it Brand Globalization 2.0. That is…

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum: Why the Market for Tomorrow’s Metal is Looking Brighter

This should be the best of times for the aluminum business, but the metal has become almost impossible to hedge over the past several months due to a surge in the Midwest premium. How are aluminum consumers and producers dealing with the challenges?

New ZealandDollar

Why There’s High Interest in the New Zealand Dollar

  During the early part of 2013 New Zealand suffered a severe drought, and due to its large agricultural sector…



  We featured an infographic recently on the growth in mobile device use to access CME Group ag market data….


Blu Putnam: Abenomics Likely to Disappoint

  A spotlight shines very brightly on Japan at the moment – and especially on Prime Minister Abe – not…

Mobile Infographic map

Infographic: The Growth of Mobile in Ag Markets

  The number of people accessing agricultural market data through mobile devices is increasing. That’s not a surprise. More than…