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Market Update: Why so much volatility?

  While the late summer months are historically quiet, this past week saw high levels of volatility. Jack discusses how the…


Colin Powell Talks Domestic Politics and Global Leadership

  These videos are part of a series of interviews we conducted with former Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding…


What is an Internet of Value?

Just as information moves instantaneously between individuals and across networks, could the same be done with money? Ripple Labs aims…

China Outlook

Weekly Outlook: The Yuan and GDP

  The Chinese government’s devaluation of the yuan coupled with weak PMI data recently brought on concerns regarding the country’s…


Is Oil Volatility Changing Trading?

  Oil prices have been on the downswing for more than a year now.  As U.S. crude futures fell to…


Market Update: Data and Vacation Season

  It’s an important week for data with the release of housing starts, inflation numbers and weekly jobless claims, which…


Weekly Outlook: Housing Market and FOMC Minutes

  Along with the Fed minutes everyone will be watching on Wednesday, it will be a big week to gauge…

Market Update_021513

Market Update: A Summer Rally on the Rise?

  Jack weighs in on a possible summer rally in equity markets. The Dow Jones has bounced back, and market…


Weekly Outlook: Grain Markets and Volatility

  It’s been a volatile year in grain markets, and that may continue. The biggest USDA report since planted acreage…


Gillian Tett on the Energy Revolution

  The past several years have seen significant changes in the global market for energy. U.S. oil production has soared…


Weekly Outlook: Jobs and Global Output

  If the Federal Reserve is to raise rates at its September meeting, as some suggest, continued improvement in the…


How Options Are Changing Livestock Markets

Futures markets have always been one way for producers to mitigate risk, but livestock options have seen a surge in volume and open interest in recent years.