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Federal Reserve

Monday Outlook: Fed Meeting and GDP

  The expectation remains that the Fed will raise its benchmark interest rate this year. The question is when. The…

European Central Bank

Monday Outlook: What Will the ECB Do?

  It’s a holiday-shortened week for U.S. markets as we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  Policy will be closely…


Infographic: The Remarkable Growth of Options on Futures

  On October 15, 2014, CME Group’s overall volume set a new daily record of more than 39 million contracts….

Today's Number 2014 Volume

Today’s Number: More Than $1 Quadrillion Traded in 2014

  At the start of 2014, any discussion about trade volumes usually referenced a “return to volatility.” Futures volumes were…


Monday Outlook: Oil’s Economic Impact

  It’s a week heavy on Fed speeches and purchasing data. As the market continues to absorb a solid U.S….

RMB World

Can The Renminbi Become a Global Currency?

Over the past four years, China’s currency, the renminbi (RMB), has increasingly made its presence felt in global foreign exchange…


Monday Outlook: Hello 2015

  It’s a new week, month, quarter and year. Appropriately, the first full week of 2015 begins with some heavily…

Financial top posts

Our Top 5 Financial Posts of 2014

  The S&P 500 reached 53 new record highs in 2014. The continued patience from the Fed on raising rates…

Commodity Posts 2015

Our Top 5 Commodity Posts of 2014

  Whether it was the glut of supply in oil and grain markets, or shrinking herds in some livestock markets,…


Monday Outlook: Looking at Case-Shiller Index

  It’s the end of the year, and with that comes some of the year’s final major economic reports and…


Ruble Futures Continue to Trade

  The Russian Ruble has been under pressure for most of the year due to Western sanctions over Ukraine and…


These Are the Risks Bringing FX Volatility to Europe

The drop in market volatility we saw in the first half of 2014 – referred to ironically by FT Alphaville…