Futures, options, and other financial derivatives form the foundation for the risk management needs of countless organizations across industries and around the globe. Here, we examine which tools are being used, who is using them, and how it’s helping navigate the risks of doing business.

Coal Power.png

Coal Futures in a Clean Coal Future

  In a recent cover story for Wired, Charles C. Mann writes that coal produces more than 40 percent of…

Aluminum Auto

The Changing Demand for Aluminum in North America

  It’s Aluminum’s time to shine – with a big coup in the auto industry.  Though die-hard steel enthusiasts would…

Aluminium profiles in warehouse

Market in Search of an All-In Aluminum Contract

From the humble garden chair to the advanced jet fighter, aluminum is a commodity in great demand the world over….

Olympic Metals

Olympic Metal: A Look at the Markets for Gold, Silver and Bronze

  In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, I thought it would be a good time to discuss gold,…

US Oil

Why U.S. Oil Markets Reflect Supply & Demand

Increased oil production in North America during recent years has been well publicized. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports…

Oman Crude

The New Oil Benchmark for Asia

  The 2014 version of BP’s Energy Outlook 2035, the authoritative look into the future and now into its fourth…

FX Futures

FX Trading is Set to Shift to Futures

  FX futures have been around for more than 40 years. Their introduction in the form of the International Monetary…

Emerging Market Currencies 2013

How Emerging Market FX Really Performed in 2013

  The actual performance of key emerging market currencies was much more diverse in 2013 than is often assumed.  Second…

Indian Rupee 2

2014 Will Be a Critical Year for India and the Rupee

India’s economy, for so long one of the BRIC stalwarts, appears to be at a crossroads as it faces slowing…


How Weather Derivatives Help Prepare For Financial Storms

It’s estimated that the impact of weather accounts for $5.3 billion of the $16 trillion U.S. gross domestic product. Extrapolate…

Today's Number FX Options

Today’s Number: FX Options Open Interest

  One of the most important indicators for exchange-traded markets is “Open Interest” — the total number of listed contracts…

Eastern European Currencies

Why Eastern European Currencies Are Going Strong

Amid the turmoil that engulfed emerging market (EM) currencies in recent months, those from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have…