Futures, options, and other financial derivatives form the foundation for the risk management needs of countless organizations across industries and around the globe. Here, we examine which tools are being used, who is using them, and how it’s helping navigate the risks of doing business.


Ruble Futures Continue to Trade

  The Russian Ruble has been under pressure for most of the year due to Western sanctions over Ukraine and…

Livestock Trading Hours

Finding the Right Balance on Livestock Hours

  When we announced earlier this month that we were reducing livestock trading hours, the response we received from market…

Options Today's Number

Today’s Number: Options Records a Reflection of Global Events

  Options trading is growing rapidly, and for good reason.  We are seeing seismic shifts in volatility potential coming from…

Steve_Hodgson Rusal

Rusal’s Hodgson on Aluminum Hedging

  In part three of our series on the challenges and opportunities in the aluminum market, we visit with Steve…

SDNCO Number

Today’s Number: Hedging Around Ag News

  The June 30 USDA grain stocks and planted acreage reports were bearish from a markets perspective. From a producers…


What’s Behind the Volatility in Equities?

For most of the last five years, equity markets have been on a steady upward trend. 2013 was the best…

Asia El Nino

Ag Commodities in Asia Brace for El Nino’s Return

When it comes to the weather, the only certainty today seems to be that it is getting more extreme.  Much…


At Last, Some Trends to Follow in the Brent Market

  Events in the Middle East strongly influence price behavior in the Brent crude market and the recent instability in…

Indian Rupee Modi

India’s New Government Puts the Rupee in Focus

Markets are rallying in anticipation that India is ready to embrace serious economic and financial reform. The landslide victory of…

China Steel

The Great Rebalancing of China’s Steel Market

As China’s economy continues its weak start to 2014, the metals industry has been bearing the brunt of the correction. …


The NASDAQ is Growing in More Ways Than One

For some, talk of tech and the NASDAQ may bring memories of the bubble in technology stocks of the late 1990s and the painful correction of the early 2000s. But the tech sector of today is very different from what it was 15 years ago.


Even at Record Highs, There Are Short Term Risks for the Dow

  You don’t need to follow the markets closely to know it’s been a good year for stocks.  One of…