Colin Powell Talks Domestic Politics and Global Leadership


These videos are part of a series of interviews we conducted with former Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding America’s role in a highly connected and rapidly changing global society. In the most recent installment, Powell discusses our nation’s strengths and weaknesses on economic and political fronts.

Powell characterizes the U.S. economy as the “economy of the world” – one that is inherently influential, yet also imperfect. We must value our economic power while simultaneously recognizing the potential for growth and owning the responsibility we have across borders, he says.

According to Powell, the world of American politics is contaminated by money and modern media. We talked to Powell before the current run of early Presidential campaign hype, but his sentiments resonate given the constant media attention and polarized representation of the two dominant parties.

“It [the media] makes it extremely difficult for our legislators to calmly and dispassionately examine an issue because they’re constantly being thrown up against the right and left side of our political spectrum.”

Powell discusses the present political landscape in the video below.

Mackenzie Rech is a Communications Intern at CME Group and a student at Lawrence University where she studies economics and english.

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