Financial Times Journalists Discuss Brexit Concern

If it seems like we’ve been talking about Brexit for years, that’s because we have.

From trade concerns and currency volatility to stock markets and political fallout, the UK leaving the European Union has been a concern for global markets for some time.

Now, with the October 31 deadline closing in, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there will not be more delays. “We will be packing our bags and walking out on” Oct. 31, he said recently

Lost in some of the drama has been the ongoing business of markets and policy in the UK, which has often taken a back seat to Brexit news. In an interview with Gillian Tett, Chair of the Financial Times editorial board, she highlighted the lost opportunity.

Brexit has “distracted British business leaders and the British government from many of the other key issues they need to be dealing with in a 21st century economy,” she said.

Another key element of Brexit, media coverage, is often overlooked as well, said Brendan Greeley, the U.S. Economics Editor for the Financial Times. The way the British exit is covered in EU-based papers is different, he said.

“Brexit is not a big deal for (French and German papers), in the way that it is for the UK-based papers,” said Greeley.

Many of the questions facing UK business, government and media could be answered in the coming weeks, if Johnson’s plan to leave at the end of October holds.

Watch our edited discussion with Tett and Greeley in the video above.

Evan Peterson is director of corporate marketing at CME Group and managing editor of OpenMarkets.

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