The Top OpenMarkets Posts of 2019

From traditional mainstays of markets (clearing) to brand new trading products (Micro E-minis), the most popular OpenMarkets stories of 2019 covered a wide range of market trends and global news. These are the top five:

5. Why Micro Futures Are A Game Changer for Retail Traders

In May, CME Group launched Micro E-mini equity futures, which provided a new product for retail traders looking to venture into the world of futures, or add on to existing positions. At 1/10th the size of the popular E-mini contracts, Micros have quickly become popular among futures traders, with more than 70 million contracts trading since launch.

4. Bacon Demand is Higher Than Ever As Price Volatility Grows

Bacon demand is at all-time highs, and production is forecast to rise even further. In May, Bruce Blythe wrote about growing volatility in the market for bacon, and the new CME Group Fresh Bacon Index, which provides a transparent weekly gauge to track supply and demand dynamics.

3. CME Clearing At 100: Why Centralized Clearing Matters More Than Ever


Today more than ever, clearing provides “vital resiliency for the marketplace” CME Clearing President Sunil Cutinho said in this story about the history and path forward for CME Clearing, which marked 100 years in October.

2. 50 Billion: The New Magic Number for Initial Margin Rules

The regulation for uncleared margin rules (UMR) was set in motion at the 2009 G20 meeting following the global financial crisis. UMR phases 1 to 4 have covered firms with $750 billion+ in notional value, and an announcement in July revealed that phase 5, due for September 2020, will affect far fewer firms than initially thought. CME Group’s Jack Callahan wrote about the impact of the modified UMR phase.

1. USDA Report Shows Effect of Weather, Trade on Corn and Soybeans

Adverse spring weather and the trade war took a toll on corn and soybean markets in 2019. In August, guest contributor Dan Basse wrote about the resurvey of farmers to determine the true planted acreage of U.S. corn and soybeans, and the effect that trade and weather-related insurance programs may have had.

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