The OpenMarkets Weekly Roundup


NBR reported this week on investor confidence in the markets. The way participants trade is evolving, but the increased activity makes markets more efficient. CME Group’s Dave Lehman weighs in.

Here are a few other stories to catch up on before the weekend:


Top 10 trading movies.

Most Wall Street economists expect the Fed to do more to stimulate growth.

High corn prices are leading to renewed calls for an end to the ethanol mandate.

IMF tries to answer the question “How bad could the EU crisis get?

Five economic and financial indicators claim there are no signs of recessionary conditions in the U.S. economy.

The field of economics is in the midst of a revolution.

CME Group CIO Kevin Kometer talks about the history of Globex upgrades and how CME plans to improve trade performance.



Anita Liskey is the managing director of corporate marketing and communications at CME Group.

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