Weekly Roundup: Peso Growth, Brent-WTI Spread, Bitcoin and Tweets of the Week


The Dow and S&P set fresh records today. Equities will be something to watch again next week as earnings season continues. Following are some additional stories you may have missed. We’re also introducing a new feature this week with some of the key tweets of the week…


Brent’s premium to WTI fell to the lowest level in 14 months (Bloomberg)

Japan’s easing campaign is helping the Mexican peso (Wall Street Journal)

31.6 percent of S&P 500 stocks made 52-week highs today (Bespoke)

The U.S. Treasury says it will press Japan to stop devaluing the yen (Wall Street Journal)

Is there an end in sight for the Fed’s bond binge? (CME Group)

Is inflation or unemployment worse for an economy? (Washington Post)

Futures markets for Bitcoin? (arsTechnica)

Student debt in the U.s. has doubled since 2007 (Bloomberg)

With no mortgage or insurance costs, where do teenagers spend their money? (The Atlantic)


Tweets of the Week







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