GFLC Highlights Part II: U.S. Outlook, Education & Cyber Security


The Global Financial Leadership Conference wrapped up November 20. You can find  part I of our highlights here.


Khan Academy founder Sal Khan told the audience:  “I hope that future generations very shortly, like clean drinking water or basic shelter, will view education as a fundamental human right.”


Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman moderated a panel on how the U.S. markets and economy can maintain good health in the years ahead. Nobel laureate Gary Becker, BlackRock head of trading Richie Prager and TD Ameritrade CEO Fred Tomczyk were the panelists.

Tracy Alloway of the Financial Times moderates a panel on finding the right solutions for cybersecurity with Aneesh Chopra, Patrick Fitzgerald, Kevin Mandiant and Tom Ridge. The panel agreed that compliance with laws and policies does not equal security.  Solutions have to go beyond compliance to reduce risk.

Martin Dickson of the Financial Times interviews Gary Becker about his “five not so easy pieces of a strategy for long=term growth.”



Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and journalist Bob Woodruff discuss the new movie, Lone Survivor, based on Luttrell’s experience during an operation in Afghanistan.

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