The Top OpenMarkets posts of 2013


2013 saw record after record in equities markets and a steady stream of factors that caused volatility in world currencies. But to OpenMarkets readers, commodities proved to be the most popular topic (for the second straight year). Four energy stories and two grains posts made it into our top 10 most viewed stories this year. Infographics proved to be popular as well with three of them cracking the top 10.  Here’s our full list:


1. A New Trading Floor for Kansas Wheat

In May, Tim Andriesen wrote about the historic move of the Kansas City Board of Trade trading floor to Chicago, and what that means for wheat markets.

2. WTI/Brent Isn’t the Only Crude Oil Spread to Watch

Gary Morsches wrote in March about the growing importance of the Louisiana Light Sweet/WTI spread, which has grown in importance with the vastly increased production of North American oil. 

3. OTC Clearing: Phase Two of Swaps Clearing

Jack Callahan wrote in May about the June 10, 2013 deadline for hedge funds, asset managers and regional banks to finalize central clearing arrangements for swaps under new Dodd-Frank requirements.

4. How the Grocery Industry Is Using Futures Markets

Suzanne Cosgrove reported on the trend of grocery store chains increasingly using futures markets to hedge their risk for commodities ranging from dairy to energy.

5. Top 5 Reasons to Watch Short-Dated New Crop Options

In August, Tim Andriesen wrote about why he expected to see further adoption of short-dated options from ag producers.

6. How Rail is Reshaping America’s Energy System

Debbie Carlson reported on why, with pipelines full, energy companies have begun shipping crude oil via rail, the way it was transported when the U.S. energy industry was in its infancy over 100 years ago.

7. The U.S. Oil Boom in One Infographic

The advances in North American oil production and capacity are broken down, telling the story of the energy renaissance in the United States and Canada.

8. A Suite of Oil Benchmarks

Gary Morsches wrote in July about the reasons for trading growth in WTI and Brent at CME Group, and Oman crude at the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

9. Infographic: The Rise of the Yen FX Contracts

A timeline of what was a very active year for the Japanese yen in the wake of Abenomics and other factors.

10. Infographic: The Global Rise of the Yuan

China’s currency, the yuan,  is slowly being opened to world markets. This graphic shows a timeline of key events and how trading in the currency has increased exponentially.


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