Infographic: The Growth of Mobile in Ag Markets


The number of people accessing agricultural market data through mobile devices is increasing. That’s not a surprise. More than half of American farmers own a smartphone.

What’s surprising is the rate at which mobile growth is happening. Since 2011, the number of those accessing grains and livestock pricing on the CME Group website through a mobile phone or tablet has increased 210 percent, to about 850,000 unique mobile visits in 2013.  One possible explanation for this is that the rise of apps has coincided with a grain market that has seen big swings in price the last two years. The CME Group web analytics team mined the data to determine which contracts people are watching most as measured by the number of visits to each product’s page. They also took a look at where those visits were coming from.

Keep in mind these are mobile results, which do not count visits from laptops or desktops, meaning these are the areas and the products where market watchers are most often checking data on the go, from their commuter train, car, couch or field. Click the graphic for a larger image.


Hotbeds: The top product (corn) and top state (Illinois) might be expected. But look further and you might see some surprises. Would you expect that the Minneapolis area would represent more visits than anywhere but Chicago and New York? Or that San Francisco would be a large hub for checking grain and livestock prices?

Regional interest:By looking at the map, some of the industry centers for agriculture begin to emerge. Places like Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and Indiana are likely contributing to the large number of visits to the corn page, while the bubbles around Texas and Oklahoma are very likely checking up on the latest live cattle prices. North Carolina is one of the nation’s largest hog producers, and the bubbles near the Charlotte area likely represent the industry following lean hog data.

What surprises you most about the results?


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Evan Peterson is director of corporate marketing at CME Group and managing editor of OpenMarkets.

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