Our Top 5 Financial Posts of 2014


The S&P 500 reached 53 new record highs in 2014. The continued patience from the Fed on raising rates had something to do with that. This environment of high equities and low rates influenced some of our most popular posts in 2014, including our most viewed financial-related post of the year. But those were far from the only events that attracted viewers to our pages. The shift of FX trading to futures, the outlook for India’s currency and the effects of quantitative easing on a global scale also proved to be hot topics for our readers. These were the five most viewed financial posts of 2014. Find the list of top commodity posts here.


Options Records a Reflection of Global Events 

Options come into their own as risk management tools when volatility regimes are in motion. In October, Derek Sammann wrote about how many factors influencing volatility in financial markets — Fed actions, new highs in equity indexes, China decelerating, to name a few —  led to several records in options on futures volumes.


2014 a Critical Year for India and the Rupee 

At the end of 2013, we interviewed CME Group Executive Director of FX Research and Product Development Sandra Ro about the challenges facing India’s currency.  She gave an overview of some of the challenges, some of which India is still battling a year later.


QE’s Lingering Effect on Emerging Markets 

With reduced global liquidity as a result of the reins being gradually pulled in on quantitative easing, the consequences among emerging and frontier markets have varied. Dawn Kissi wrote about the effects in March.


FX Trading is Set to Shift to Futures 

A study by Greenwich Associates highlighted the reasons why FX futures would grow in 2014 — mainly due to a more favorable regulatory environment. We covered the the report in this blog post.


The Nasdaq is Growing in More Ways Than One 

Like the other major equity indexes, the Nasdaq had another strong year in 2014. Mathew Tagliani outlined the historical comeback of the index after the post-dot com boom decline.




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