Weekly Outlook:  Low GDP Expected


May begins this week, and with it comes a couple of key indicators on Friday – April motor vehicle sales and the Purchasing Managers’ Manufacturing Index, which will give an advance view of what we should expect in terms of exports for May.  Both will be underscored by the fact that they’re released two days after initial Q1 U.S. GDP numbers, which are expected to be low.


Economic Calendar 


FOMC Meeting Begins 8:00 AM ET

Crop Progress 4:00 PM ET



Bank Reserve Settlement 8:00 AM ET

GDP 8:30 AM ET



Federal Reserve Gov. Daniel Tarullo speech 8:30 AM ET

U.S. Chicago PMI 9:45 AM ET

Farm Prices 4:00 PM ET

Dairy Product Sales 4:00 PM ET



Motor Vehicle Sales

PMI Manufacturing Index 9:45 AM ET



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