Bruce Blythe


Bruce Blythe is a 20-year veteran of the world’s top real-time business news organizations – including Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal.

CME Clearing At 100: Why Centralized Clearing Matters More Than Ever

From pre-industrial agricultural risks to today’s global uncertainties, CME Clearing has remained a critical intermediary for market participants.

Bacon Demand Is Higher Than Ever as Price Volatility Grows

Amid robust restaurant, retailer demand, bacon “far and away the most volatile” of all hog cuts. A new bacon index aims to solve that problem.

Pete Kyle’s Enduring Influence On Market Structure

Former floor trader learned lessons from the Fed’s 1979 rate hike that he’s applied to a 40-year career in economics.

Traders Are Focusing on FANG Through Nasdaq Futures

Consumers have sunk their teeth into the four companies behind the so-called FANG stocks. The same could be said about…

Why Housing Is A Leading Economic Indicator

Economies and houses are both established on solid foundations, and the relationship between the two means that housing market numbers…

Are The Iran Sanctions Affecting Prices at The Pump?

The U.S. sanctions that hobbled Iran’s oil exports may have been a concern for American motorists facing higher prices at…

Will Fed Rate Hikes Continue to Weigh Down Gold Prices?

The Federal Reserve’s ongoing effort to prevent the U.S. economy from overheating threatens to squash any rally aspirations among gold…

Why The Future of Energy Could Be U.S. Natural Gas

Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is creating a global market for U.S.-produced natural gas.

Interest in Cattle Futures Has Never Been Higher

  Beef producers are building the U.S. cattle herd at one of the fastest paces on record, as higher cattle…

The Electronic Platform that Took Markets Global

In the 1980s, Chicagoans were positive about a few things: Mike Ditka was God (or maybe looked a little like…