Russell Blinch


Russell Blinch has extensive experience writing about commodities, energy and the environment. His work has appeared in numerous outlets such as the Guardian, DeSmogBlog, Huffington Post, Reuters and at his own site, Russell was previously a senior editor with Thomson Reuters where he wore many hats—correspondent, bureau chief, and specialist editor – while being stationed in Ottawa, San Francisco, Singapore, Washington, DC, and Toronto.

Why Financial Market Data is Moving to The Cloud

Finding a market price used to mean tilting your head up to a big chalkboard hanging over a trading floor….

A New Weapon for Dairy Farmers Seeking Better Prices  

Low prices for dairy products causing “real economic damage”

China, Brazil and The Future for U.S. Corn

It’s hard to imagine the world running short on corn when you consider the massive size of the U.S. corn…

LNG and the Importance of the Henry Hub Benchmark

The answer to pricing liquefied natural gas lies deep in the Louisiana Bayou.

The Russell 2000 Surge And What It Means for Futures

The small cap index has seen a bounce, and a move for Russell 2000 futures is showing strong interest.

How S&P 500 Futures Became A Global Benchmark

How the the spoos became the first successful equity futures contract.

With High Production, Is Food Deflation Here to Stay?

Ample grain stocks, bumper harvests and flagging Chinese demand have food prices in the U.S. and Europe sagging. Is there room for a long-term recovery?

How Close Are We to A Global Carbon Market?

A global carbon market is in the making and though its implementation will not be easy, it does look like…

The Ambitious March of the Global Carbon Market

Commodity traders know how to deal in the hard stuff. Throughout history, farmers, producers and merchants have coalesced at vital…

Cocoa: Food of the Gods Faces 21st Century Challenges

With the prediction cocoa demand will outstrip supply within five years, the industry is in dire need of better management and more sophisticated trading tools to help farmers and consumers cope.

Aluminum: Why the Market for Tomorrow’s Metal is Looking Brighter

This should be the best of times for the aluminum business, but the metal has become almost impossible to hedge over the past several months due to a surge in the Midwest premium. How are aluminum consumers and producers dealing with the challenges?

Market in Search of an All-In Aluminum Contract

From the humble garden chair to the advanced jet fighter, aluminum is a commodity in great demand the world over….